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Professional Eventphotography Artists. Not a day goes by in this metropolitan mishmash of Singapore that is dull nor colorless. For People and Places of this dynamic city island are relentlessly in motion, continuously evolving. At any point in time something is created or celebrated. We take pride in artistically documenting pivotal points in both organizations and peoples' lives that build memories of a lifetime.

Benefits of a good image:
For companies: A good photo builds on your company's image and overall branding. It is a representation of your company's active qualities. There is no great benefit to your company than representing this with high quality images.
For the everyday person: Our aim is to make sure your once in a lifetime moments are captured in their best representation possible. Each specific moment has a feeling to it. This is what we aim to capture. A memory which you can physically keep for life.

EventPhotography.sg is not merely a service provider but an ideal end to a passionate hobby for a group of creative talents that has led to the pool of professionals that it is today. Different backgrounds sharing a common passion was how it all began. Our core team of photographers had many a time talked about sharing this passion with others but never imagined it would become real until the magic of life happened. Plain and simple, it is our utmost endeavor to spread the joy, love and feelings through our lens. To capture those precious fleeting seconds and let you relive them forever. To us that is photography. That is us.

event photography singapore what mattersWe are ready to find out more about your event you plan to hold and why it is special to you. Our photographers first and foremost are here to understand you and your sentiments towards the moment. Our select groups of professionals are driven to creatively make the most out of your captured memories to last you a lifetime. Simply put, we give you only the very best.

“Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.” – Joshua Atticks