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photographer singapore eventevent_photographer_singapore_rovingGetting the image is about getting into the action. Our team is adept at just that. With a verious assortment of shooting styles, our prefessionals are guranteed to be in the thick of the action when needed. We've been doing this for years, and our trained eyes know what to spot when it is important for you to capture. We take on a wide range of assigments, either solo or in a team for extensive events. Trust our roving professionals to get your or your company the image you need.

event_photographer_singapore_instant printingevent photographer singapore instant printing specialistOur clients who need to give their guests a little something special on the day usually opt for our instant printing service. We come down to your location and set up a mobile studio with on the spot express 4R/5R printing. High quality lighting and camera combine to a beautiful snapshot on the spot. Both group photos in a booth setting as well as action shots from the event can be done. This is a powerful tool for corporate events and anniversaries, each and every photo can be customized with event logos or a themed design along with assorted fun props for your guests. Our friendly team is always ready to help.

event photographer instant corporate photographyevent photographer singapore corporate photographyWe work with a lot of companies to document their milestones, big or small. Along with documentation it is very important for your company to have a professional image. If you are in need of on-site corporate portraits, interior photography or images to support your marketing and communications, we can do just that with our wide range of professional imaging skills. Corporate videos are also very popular and with the right usage, they can be very powerful message tools for any company.

event photography singapore food photographer event photographer singapore food photographySingapore abounds with an amazing variety of food and beverage places. With so much competition its important that you have regular promotions and keep your food's image at tip top shape. Our professsional food photography arm works to help many establishments in Singapore keep afloat with high end image material used for promotions and communication to guests. We all you you 'See before you taste'. We have serveral packages raging from monthly scheduled visits to full menu and interior photography - all on site. Our monthly support promotion: Read More

wedding photographer singapore event photography packageevent photographer singapore wedding package
Weddings are what we started with and weddings are what we love. These special days for you are special for us. There is nothing more enjoyable for a photographer than capturing emotion. We look forward to planning and executing every wedding to the best of our ability. Our wedding day photography and videography team are well versed with critical shots and the special angles. If you are planning your big day get in touch with our Creative Director at evan@eventphotography.sg for some advice and leave your worries with us. For a quick sample of our wedding arm: View Here.

aerial photography videography singapore event photographeraerial photography singapore event photographer singaporeNeed a birds eye view of a special project, or even your wedding day? Our specialist aerial team is well versed in flying a video drone over high ground to create footage unlike any other. Have a surreal look at what goes on below. This is a great compliment to any corporate video, wedding day or industrial documentation.

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We would be glad to advise you according to your exact needs. Most events require a fair amount of pre-planning and our photographers will require a survey of the location as every shoot is unique.

Feel free to contact us and tell us more about your event. As part of the package, our post production team will deliver a range of edited images that are fine-tuned to bring out the best in the images. Quality prints and custom albums are available upon request. For our package rates, feel free to contact us directly at events@eventphotography.sg.